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Making Butter (step-by-step instructions with pictures)

November 19, 2010

After Thanksgiving, we realized that two people really didn’t need an entire pint of whipping cream (no matter how good Chris’ pumpkin pie is). Instead of throwing it out, something in the back of my mind remembered that while you can’t freeze cream, you can turn cream into butter, and then you can freeze butter!

Simply pour your whipping cream into a jar; if you have a marble or something like it (I used a polished jade stone), throw that in. It will help you move through the heavy foam stage into clumpy butter ball stage.

Drain off the whey, put the butter balls in a bowl and then rinse in cold water.  Use a spatula to “knead” the balls, releasing any other whey that may be trapped inside; do this under a thin stream of cold water.  Drain off all water, knead in some salt or other herbs/spices if making a compound butter.

We packed our butter, seasoned with a little fleur de sel, into ramekins lined with cling wrap.  We froze these, and were thrilled with the slightly sweet, pale yellow butter.

2/3 of a pint of whipping cream in a jar

Post-whipped cream stage - deflates & starts separating

Butter bits clump into balls; whey becomes thin

Rinse butter balls in cold water

Kneading butter, rinsing with cold water

Kneading done, drain all water

Pack into mould

Finished product! Enjoy or Freeze!

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