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Growing Ginger

August 18, 2010

After reading that you can grow ginger in a pot, I was quite excited to try this.  After all, I always over buy when it comes to ginger (how can you possibly judge how big a piece you need to get a tablespoon of grated ginger, after peeling and such are taken into consideration?)

Ginger - about 5 weeks after planting

Following the instructions in the book I read, you simply plant a piece of ginger that’s starting to sprout in loosely packed soil and keep the soil wet.  You can either find a piece at the grocer that’s starting to have potato-eye like nubs, or you can hope your leftover piece grows these before it dries out/goes moldy 🙂

I uncovered some of the ginger I had planted to show you what I mean by the “sprouts”.

Ginger uncovered, "sprout" on right knob

Be patient – it took about 4 weeks before anything happened – I felt very silly watering what looked like a pot of dirt.  Once the green shoot came up, it grew quickly.  From a tiny compact stalk to a shoot about 4 inches long.

Ginger - approx. 6 weeks

It seems that the shoot is composed of layered leaves that eventually fold out into more-standard horizontal leaves.  The ginger root itself seems to have grown too, specifically getting more “bulbous” where the shoots have grown.  There are definitely other roots growing too (though I didn’t dare uncover more of the ginger than I did for the previous picture) – it has become quite firmly rooted into the ground.

Resources: The Backyard Homestead (book)

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