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Getting Slugs Drunk

August 12, 2010

There’s nothing more depressing than seeing your new tiny zucchini or other fleshy veggies being slowly eaten by a slimy slug.  Even if you catch ’em in the act, it’s impossible for the little veg to recover after having little holes eaten into them (not to mention the mucous!)

I used Irish Cream Ale 😦

A tried and true solution is to put a small container into the ground near the most delectable plants filled with beer.

Dig a small hole big enough to burry a disposable container.  Make sure that the rim of the container is at ground level (not below, or it will get filled with dirt; not above as it will be too high for the slugs to get in).

Then, sacrifice a beer (or most of a beer – as I did), putting enough in so that a slug that gets in will be fully submerged.  Refill as necessary.

I put this particular slug trap out yesterday afternoon.  So far 3 slugs (and one spider) have perished.  Make sure the dog doesn’t drink this nasty sludge.

While it’s a sad thing to give up a beer, I’m hoping this saves my poor zucchini and butternut squash which are already suffering with a pretty nasty mold case.

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