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Training a grape vine

August 10, 2010

There is nothing unromantic about a grape vine – the shady leaves, the curly tendrils, and then grapes – pretty amazing.

I got started on my garden really late this year.  We moved in late May, then had a bunch of trouble getting the ground ready for plants.  In any case, I was very excited to find a 6-inch pot Bath grape vine from Canadian Tire.  The plant was already crawling out of the pot – they had staked it, but the vine was sending out tendrils all over dying for some kind of trellis to grab on to.

Instead of paying big bucks for a fancy trellis, I used some sticks from a tree that got cut down previously, and some jute twine.  I also took advantage of the fence and the stake the plant was already attached to.  After planting two sticks deep into the ground, I ran 5 taught lines of the twine horizontally at various points across the plant’s height, then began winding the grape vines gently around the lines.

After a few weeks, the vines became nicely trained along the lines and had grabbed on tightly.  I made sure to pull the vines further along the twine to really enhance the horizontal growing pattern.    I’ll update with another picture in a few days 🙂

Update:  Here’s what it looks like now!

Resources: Bath Grape description; The Backyard Homestead (book)

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